Bangla Keyboard in Nokia 5800 with Unicode Font Support

Nokia 5800 Bangla Keyboard

In full screen QWERY mode i replaced latin keyboard with bangla keyboard….
I removed latin charecters and replace it with bangla unicode font ….

You can see bangla in every where in your phone …it looks good if you type that with this keybaord…
some coplex script issue will come if typed else where….


Image 1Image2

How to install…..

1. First go to c:\resource\Fonts\
2. Note the file names of all the font you have…(at least 4 font must have…..some of you may have 6)
3. Now down load the attached font …
4. copy & rename it with your own fonts same number of times as your font in /resource/Fonts/
5. Now go to E:\resource\Fonts\
6. If no folder present named Fonts create it….
7. Copy all the fonts that you renamed…..
8. Restart your phone….


NB: 4 fonts file names are

If your phone has 6 fonts file then other 2 file names may also need. I forgot those two filenames . They are rare may be found in multi language supported firmware(Phone Software) .
If you unable to check your fonts file in c:\resource\Fonts\ just do the process according to above font names. This will work.