Industrial Production Engr.

Books :

1. Introduction to Operations Research- Hillier & Lieberman- 7th Ed.

2.Managerial Accounting- Garrison & Noreen- 12th Ed.


Nafisa Madam has given a self study part. The details are as follows –
Managerial Accounting

10th Edition – Chapter 6 – CVP Analysis (cost volume profit)

Topics :

    1. Time value of money(Engineering Economy Chapter 2)-Fundamentals of Engineering Economics.pdf-time value.pdf-accounting chapter2.ppt
    2. Cost Volume Profit(Garrison Chapter 6) exam e ashbe for sure-Managerial_Accounting__12th_Edition__-_Ray_H_Garrison-CVP.ppt-revisedCH06.ppt
    3. Quality Control and TQM
    4. Just In Time Production (Operation management chapter 8)
    5.  -Slides From Internet  Folder for slides 
    6. Performance Appraisal
    7. Marketing Management
    8. Simplex Method (Introduction to operation research chapter 4)
    9. Recruitment and Hiring
    10. Organizational design and organizational structure-Organizational Design and Structure.ppt
    11. Motivation
    12. Leaderships

Nafisa Medam:

1. Forecasting

2. Scheduling

3. Inventory Management

4. Economic Order Quantity

5. Facility Layout

6. Just In Time

7. Quality Management

Nabila Medam:

1. Managing and Manager

2. Motivation

3. Leadership

4. Organisational Design

5. Time Value of money

6. Performance Appraisal

7. Recruitment and Hiring

8. Marketing Management

9. Market Segmentation

10. Product Life Cycle

11. Designing Competitive Strategy

12. Linear Programming

Nice Lecture Note:

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