All the groups have to submit a report(both hard & soft copy) on their project by December 17. The report must contain the following:

  1. Brief Problem Description (The problem you addressed)
  2. Your approach to solve the problem
  3. Required Equipments with IC No and estimated cost
  4. Block Diagram & Detail circuit diagram with Pin No
  5. Snapshot of the model you made to demonstrate the project
  6. Problems encountered and their solutions
  7. All Codes in the appendix
  8. And anything else you want to share


As some of you have become confused about what is next week here is the schedule with date of the weeks:

o Block Diagram of 4bit – 10 Dec – 12 Dec

o Detailed Circuit Diagram of 4bit with Simulation and Viva – 17 Dec -21 Dec
o FPGA Implementation of 4bit– 24 Dec – 28 Dec



Dear All,

  • On this Saturday(17/12/2011) a lecture on FPGA board demonstration will be held as per following schedule. It will be considered a regular theory class.
    • Section B: 11.00am
    • Section A: 12.00pm
    • Place: VLSI Lab at 4th Floor of New Building
  • Project Report submission deadline is extended to 5.00pm of 22/12/2011(Next Thursday).
  • On next week individual Viva on 4-bit assignment will be held along with simulation submission. So, everyone must be present during their class time.


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