How to use your web server as a proxy

If you have a unix web server ( ex. Ubuntu ), you can use it as a proxy for surfing internet.

Here is the process ,

Ubuntu/Mac :

  • Open Terminal and type
    ssh -4 -D 3128
  • Web server shell will popup. If it says “unable to bind spcified port, change the port number( i.e 3128 ) to something else.
  • After that in your firefox/internet explorer  proxy settings, use

    SOCKS5 Proxy : with
    Port :  3128 ( or your specified one, while connection )


  • For windows, you need to download ssh client software “putty” or Install any bash/shell for using ssh command to connect to the server
  • After Connecting with server using putty/bash follow the same process above mentioned for ubuntu/mac os


Software Links :

Backup Your Hosting Database Via Cron Job

Get Your Database Hosting Address , Name , Username and Password

mysqldump command is used for dumping a mysql database.

Set up a cron job with this command as follows,

Please change required parameter with your own.


mysqldump -h (hostname) -u (user-name) -–password=(password) (database-name) > (full path of backup file)


mysqldump -h -u testebdb -–password=password mytestbdb > /home/content/q/a/b/testchep/html/backups/daily.sql