Digital System Design

Nashid Sir (Given By Sir)


Chapter 5- 5.7 – 5.8
Chapter 9- 9.3 – Rest
Chapter 10- 10.2 – 10.7

SAP: 1, 2, 3 (Malvino)
Memory Design: From Rafiquzzaman-Chapter 1
Booth Algorithm (Material given)
Besides, if anything else is covered in the class that is also included in the syllabus.

Sattar Sir ( from CSE 403 schedule.xls)

Rafiq :

chap : 1,10

Topics :

Designing IO system

Microprocessor based design

Brey :

Chap : 13 ,  Computer Bus Standards

Topics :

DMA Controller

Computer Bus Standards

Hall :

Chap :  8,9,10,Microprocessor based design

Topics :

Programmable Interrupt Controller

IO Devices, Keyboard/Display interface

Programmable peripheral interface (interface to A/D and D/A converters)

Intel :

Topics :

Designing using special purpose controller: 8275 CRT Controller

Designing using special purpose controller: 8279 keyboard/display controller

Designing using special purpose controller: 8279 keyboard/display controller (!)


7. Designing IO system -> Ref: Ch-01(1.3.4) [Book: M Rafiquzzaman]
[Programmed I/O, Standard I/O, Memory Mapped I/O, Interrupt Driven I/O]

8. DMA Controller -> Ref: Ch-13 [Book: Brey], Intel Data Sheet
[Features, Operation Cycle, Operation Mode, Transfer type, Mode & Status Registers]

9. IO Devices, Keyboard/Display Interface -> Ref: Ch-09(9.17-9.20, 9.25-9.27)
[Book: Douglas Hall], Intel Data Sheet for 8279
[8279 — Block Diagram, Functional Description, Command & Status Registers]

10. Programmable Peripheral Interface (Interface to A/D and D/A Converters)
Ref: Ch-10 [Book: Douglas Hall]
[ADC, Data Format, DAC Interfacing, Level Translation, Comparator Circuit]

11. Microprocessor Based Design -> Ref: Ch-10 [Book: M Rafiquzzaman]
[Design Problem No: 1 (8085 Based Digital Voltmeter)]

12. Computer Bus Standards -> Ref: Ch-15(15.2,15.4-15.6) [Book: Brey]

Topics :

Chap 5 :






Chap 9 :

Design of Arithmetic Circuit :

Design of Logic Circuit :

Design of ALU:

Status Register:

Design of Shifter

processor unit


One Stage Accumulator

Complete Accumulator

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