Bangla Keyboard in Nokia 5800 with Unicode Font Support

Nokia 5800 Bangla Keyboard

In full screen QWERY mode i replaced latin keyboard with bangla keyboard….
I removed latin charecters and replace it with bangla unicode font ….

You can see bangla in every where in your phone …it looks good if you type that with this keybaord…
some coplex script issue will come if typed else where….


Image 1Image2

How to install…..

1. First go to c:\resource\Fonts\
2. Note the file names of all the font you have…(at least 4 font must have…..some of you may have 6)
3. Now down load the attached font …
4. copy & rename it with your own fonts same number of times as your font in /resource/Fonts/
5. Now go to E:\resource\Fonts\
6. If no folder present named Fonts create it….
7. Copy all the fonts that you renamed…..
8. Restart your phone….


NB: 4 fonts file names are

If your phone has 6 fonts file then other 2 file names may also need. I forgot those two filenames . They are rare may be found in multi language supported firmware(Phone Software) .
If you unable to check your fonts file in c:\resource\Fonts\ just do the process according to above font names. This will work.

22 thoughts on “Bangla Keyboard in Nokia 5800 with Unicode Font Support

  1. Everything you have said here is fully correct except ‘one matter’.

    You have said,
    “In full screen QWERY mode i replaced latin keyboard with bangla keyboard….
    I removed latin charecters and replace it with [u]bangla unicode font [/u]….”

    The underline portion of your above statement is not correct at all. Your ‘Bangla characters’ are not ‘Unicode Bangla Fonts’. So they are appearing in keyboard beautifully, and also we became capable to write properly ‘Bangla’ in case of sending SMS, but after sending, it appeared in another ‘Unicode Bangla supported phone’ as unreadable ‘garbeg’.

    Not only that, since your font is ‘not unicode’ in nature, thus we failed to write ‘Bangla’ in text boxes of various ‘Unicode based Bangla Websites’.

    I am sure, If you try yourself to write Bangla in any writable text-box of ‘Unicode based Bangla Website’ using your this keyboard, you must fail to do that successfully.

    But, where is the problem, actually?
    Is any sort of little mistake makes your whole excellent effort as an ‘unwanted error’?

    I think so.

    I have noticed that your ‘StylesBangla.ttf’ font is actually a modified ‘Vrinda.ttf’ font which you may have modified for excellent comatiablity with ‘Nokia 5800 phone’.
    Everyone knows that ‘Vrinda.ttf’ is fully an excellent ‘Unicode Bangla Font’ but what a ‘miracle sad’ that when you modified it for compatiablity with Nokia 5800, it appeared as ‘Non-Unicode’ in nature.
    It is really sad and unfortunate for us.

    When I first installed your Font successfully in my ‘Nokia 5800’, I became charmed when I saw that all Bangla Characters appeared correctly in Qwerty Keyboard, same according to your sreen-shots.
    But when I found that these ‘characters’ are usable to write Bangla only in this phone, not in websites of unicode bangla support, I became shocked.

    I hope, a sort of little correction can make your this excellent effort [b]fully effective[/b].
    Will you do that for the happiness of Bengali people throughout the world?

    Wish you Good luck.

    Thankig You,

    — Moezul Islam.
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    • You are right. There is some mistakes with that line. But font is itself unicode but problem is not with that.

      What i actually did is ,

      Replacing the latin fonts image with a bangla font image. So when you type you actually are writing latin not bangla.
      So if you try to send SMS using this font they will get a latin SMS which seems look like garbage.

      There need to write a new keyboad layout file for supporting bangla writing in nokia 5800 phone .
      But unfortunately i lost my phone so i can’t do anything more in this respect.

      Now i am working on supporting bangla on android. I will try to port that to symbian phones later. As symbian platform is not open source so its hard to do any real modification.

      Thanks for the comment


    • Procedure for making Armenian Layout,

      1. Pick a good Armenian font.
      2. Pick a good nokia fonts(s60snr) .
      3. Now change all nokia fonts latin glyps with your Armenian font glyphs.
      this is really a time consuming and painful task. You need to have patience for this.
      4. Now save this font .
      5. If you put this font in the mobile(Nokia 5800) you will see your latin keyboard is replaced with your Armenian fonts.

      Well actually this is not a good procedure and will only work on Nokia 5800 phone only. and the text you write with this keyboard is actually writing the latin not Armenian but you are seeing Armenian. If you send a text msg or write something in web , other will see it as latin garbage.

      To make actual layout you have to modify the language pack for the Nokia 5800 firmware, and need to add the support of your Armenian and also need to add a layout.

  2. hey, thanks for your solution. But, I can’t write bangla. If I want to write bangla in any website, it shows like “çêáâéçêëëàááâã”…. Plz, help me. I want to write bangla.

  3. i did all i can write bangla bt i’ve lost my unicode fonts of my phone.neither i can read any unicode font,nor i can write them.where there was unicode fonts,i can find bangla fonts there.what is this?i want all bangla and unicode fonts what can i do now? :-s

    • What I had done was replacing the Latin Font Glyphs ( Character Images ) with Unicode Fonts Glyphs.

      So, what you are actually writing is Latin. So when you send that to other mobile it will not work.

      Please check the first comment and reply for more explanation.


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