Wamp(Apache) problem with skype.

There is a common problem who use both wamp and skype at the same time, found that wamp is not working or skype is not logging in.

This happens because wamp and skype both uses port 80 to run the server.

Sometimes it will work if wamp is started first and then skype started, as skype will see that it is failing to connect in port 80 it will use another port.

But in reverse case, wamp always use the port 80, so it will not start [ wamp icon remains stuck in yellow ] .

To fix this you need to change port no. of one of them to other then 80.

Changing Port No. of Wamp :

1. Open httpd.conf file located at “[Wamp Installation Path]\bin\apache\Apache2.2.17\conf\

Default Wamp Installation Path : “C:\wamp\”

2. Find “Listen 80” in the file.

3. Change the default port 80 to 81 or any other port you want, just make sure no other application use that port to connect.

Changing Port No. of Skype :

1. Go to “Tools> Options > Advanced > Connection”

2. Uncheck “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”.

3. Click Save.

It’s recommended to change the port of skype as changing wamp will give you some pain as then you need to explicitly specify the port in every request.