NTFS Partition Mount in Ubuntu

1. First unmount the ntfs partition.

 sudo umount (mount point path) 

2. Then edit /etc/fstab

 sudo gedit /etc/fstab 

3. Identify your partition UUID with blkid

 sudo blkid 

4. And add or edit a line for the ntfs partition

 # change the "UUID" to your partition UUID , change uid,gid to your own userId,groupId or remove those for root.
UUID=12102C02102CEB83 /media/windows ntfs-3g auto,users,permissions,uid=ir,gid=ir 0 0 

5. Make a mount point (if needed)

 sudo mkdir /media/windows 

6. Now mount the partition

 mount /media/windows 


 mount -a 

The options I gave you, auto, will automatically mount the partition when you boot and users allows users to mount and umount.
You can then use chown and chmod on the ntfs partition.

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