Obstacle Avoiding Epuck


The main objective of our robotics assignment is to learn and manipulate robot. In our assignment, we have used the e-puck which is a very small kind of robot with various educative features.The e-puck can turn left or right 90 degree to avoid the obstacle. It also can turn 180 degree (U-turn) to avoid collision with obstacle.

We also done a simulation of a black ball detection and after detection move forward to it in WeBot Simulation software.

We also manage to control epuck from PC via Bluetooth by a small Application call Epuck-Remote.


Obstacle Avoiding Epuck:

1. We programmed epuck proximity sesnors to avoid obstacle in front of it. If it find a obstacle it turns 90 deg right.

2. If there is a obstacle in 3 side(front,left,right), it can’t move right, from the first logic of turning right it will stand there forever. So what we did to overcome this is, we made some sort of thought in epuck.It always counts the progress of its weal. If it detects that no movements is done in a threshold period(that we adjusted in our program) then turns 180 deg(U turn). and tries to move forward.

3. If no obstacle around it goes straight.
4. We used a coefficient(in our program) given in epuck demo project to make its movement smooth.
5. It also blinks its 8 led when it runs circularly. When turning 180 deg. it lights the front led stopping all other leds.

Here is a demo video:

Black Ball Detecting and Pushing Epuck :

1. In this simulation epuck truns 360 deg. first and scans the area through its camera searching for a black object(in our case black ball).
2. If it found a black object(detected by pix RGB) then it stores the current position info(angle from starting and current position).
3. When turn is complete it returns to the stored position and move forward in that direction for a certain steps(Epuck steps means certain movement of its weal).
4. Epuck pushes the black object when it gets in touch of it.
5. After moving certain Steps it repeat the process from 1.

We tried to implement this simulation in real epuck. But the problem we found is the epuck in the lab don’t give the image correctly to analyze.

Monitoring Epuck from Pc Via Bluetooth :

To make sure camera not working we searched for a epuck monitor tool,a we gathered some code from internet,and merged some code to make a tool by which we can monitor epuck via Bluetooth.

To use this tool,
1. First Epuck Bluetooth communication client needs to write into epuck. So BTcomn.hex will do that client part.
2. In Pc Epuck Monitor application can now connect to epuck.This software can now test all sensor, leds and movements of weal and camera.
3. Camera Gives garbage image in all epuck in the lab we tested.

Contents :


Project Members:

Tarqul Islam Sifat (0705091)
Md Ibrahim Rashid (0705094)
A. B. M. Faisal (0705101)
Kazi Nasir Uddin (0705104)
Ashiq Imran (0705106)

4 thoughts on “Obstacle Avoiding Epuck

    • Which project you are talking about?

      There are there project in the archive file.
      1. Obstacle Avoiding Epuck
      2. BlackBallSimulation
      3. Epuck Monitor

      For “Obstacle Avoiding Epuck” and “BlackBallSimulation”

      Load the world named “epuck.wbt.project” file . Others worlds are just the default project files given by WeBot software.

      • For Obstacle Avoiding Epuck

        \epuckContents\Obstacle Avoiding Epuck\Obstacle Avoiding Epuck\worlds\epuck.wbt

        For BlackBallSimulation


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